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Partnertrans d.o.o. is specialized in international road transport.
Our vehicles can transport your cargo all around the Europe. Our usual transport routes are from Serbia to:
Hungary, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, France, UK, Italy, Check Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, BIH, FYR, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia and vice versa.
In Germany, Belgium, UK, Austria, we almost always have available vehicles.

Standard average load capacity of our trailer is about 97 m3; they are 2.85 m high, 2.49 m wide and 13.60 m long. They can carry 34 EURO palette in one level and maximum 24t (23.5 t is guaranteed without risk of axle overweight)

Your transport inquiry should contain following data:

11.    Loading place (country and post code)
12.    Unloading place (country and post code)
13.    Date (when is cargo ready for loading)
14.    Kind and nature of goods
15.    Weight of your load (together with packaging)
16.    Dimensions and type of packaging (palettes, boxes, jumbo bags etc.)
17.    Special characteristics of goods (ADR, oversized)
18.    Unloading date (for time determined unloading)
19.    Special conditions of transport (TIR, export customs, special border crossing, freight forwarder etc.)
20.    Payment terms

You can send us your transport inquiry by fax (+38121419801) or e-mail: Ova adresa el.pošte zaštićena je od spam napada, treba omogućiti JavaSkript da biste je videli  
We recommend you that you contact our commercial service directly by telephone (+38121419800) to give us all your information and transport conditions and help us meet all your transport requirements in best possible manner.